The Waters





Flowing from Yellowstone National Park through the town of Gardner and Paradise Valley, the Yellowstone River offers over 100 miles of fishable water. Each section offers a variety of fishing opportunities as well as incredible scenery.


Madison River

The Madison River originates in Yellowstone National Park, but makes its way to the town of Three Forks, where it meets the Gallatin and Jefferson Rivers to form the Missouri River. This river is broken up into an upper and lower section, both of which provide great fishing options.


Gallatin River

The Gallatin River splits the Madison and Gallatin mountain ranges and flows through Gallatin Valley before meeting the Madison and Jefferson Rivers to form the Missouri. Throughout the stretches of this river there are plenty of fishing opportunities in both high gradient mountain stream sections as well as slower water moving through the valley.


Missouri River

The Missouri River originates in Three Forks and flows all the way to the eastern border of the state. Prime trout water lies between Wolf Point and Cascade, offering a wide variety of angling opportunities.

*Additional $50 travel fee for Missouri River


Other Waters

Along with the major rivers, there are plenty of other angling opportunities to be found throughout the area. If you are interested in exploring waters other than those mentioned, we would be happy to meet your request to take you fishing in some of the other great waters the Gallatin Valley has to offer. Contact us if you'd like to inquire about a particular location.